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Beaba Silicone Multiportions 90ml in grey Beaba Silicone Multiportions 90ml in grey
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Brand: Beaba
Beaba® Multiportions are designed to freeze and store a la carte foods for baby. The Multiportion comprises six individual 90ml compartments.Made from high quality, platinum grade silicone, a single portion of frozen food is easy to pop out. These lighweight storage containers are freezer, microwave..
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Brand: Beaba
Universal Descaler for BabycookEliminates Limescale: For Proper Operation And Preservation Fo The ApplianceOptimizes Cooking ConditionsHigh Level Decomposition Of Mineral Sediments: Adapted To All Water Hardness 500ml..
Brand: Beaba
Out of stock , not ETAWith the push of a button the Milkeo measures out, mixes water and formula powder, then directly distributes milk into the bottle without air bubbles. Features: Very fast: prepares bottles in 10 to 20 secondsAdapts to every bottle: select room temperature, body temperatur..
Brand: Beaba
The innovative and compact Baby Milk Second Bottle Warmer heats bottles in less than 2 mins and small jars in less than 5 mins thanks to its patented ultra-quick steam heating system. This machine takes the best features of baby bottle sterilizers and warmers and combines them in one, ultra-qui..
Brand: Beaba
The perfect container for individual servings of formula or snacks on the go. Designed with a covered spout for convenient pouring of premeasured formula. Three separate sections that can be stacked in any order. A convenient, soft silicone handle allows you to latch to your bag so snacks ar..
Brand: Beaba
Now in stockThe Up & Down High Chair allies Béaba®’s know-how (patented Up & Down technology) and French quality. This high chair is also a very well thought-out design which matches the child’s body shape perfectly to offer him maximum comfort, and ensures him an optimum position to ea..
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