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Brand: Stokke
Made exclusively for the iconic chair, Tripp Trapp Storage is perfect for small spaces. Designed to attach seamlessly onto Tripp Trapp, it neatly holds baby´s mealtime must-haves; and keep bibs and toys where you can find them. Later, as your child grows, they can keep their games and art suppl..
Brand: Stokke
Pre order for NovThe Tripp Trapp® Baby Cushion in Nordic Grey yarn is dyed with IndiDye™ using extracts from acorns. With no hazardous chemicals, no wastewater and a low environmental impact, IndiDye™ uses truly eco-smart dyeing technology.The ultrasonic dyeing process eliminates wastewater in the d..
Brand: Stokke
Compatible with all Stokke Sleepi Beds produced after 2003...
Brand: Stokke
Made of durable polyurethane foam known for its elastic and pressure resistant qualities.Each mattress is made of durable polyurethane foam known for its elastic and pressure resistant qualities that provide children in growth the support they need and comfort they deserve. The hypoallergenic ..
Brand: Stokke
Essential for travel and storage The Stokke® Clikk™ Travel Bag is perfect for any family on the move. The robust fabric ensures that your high chair is protected for your journey. With a convenient carry handle, this bag guarantees you can move around with ease.Features:Compatible with..
Brand: Stokke
Pre order now* Does not fit on the Stokke Flexi Bath Stand.Wide and spacious, Stokke® Flexi Bath® X-Large is a bath tub that grows with your little one. Suitable for growing babies and young children until about age 6, it has all of the great f..
Brand: Stokke
The softly cushioned bouncer has a unique cradling movement that mimics the feeling of being cradled in mother's arms.Developed together with a Paediatric Physiotherapist, the Newborn Insert ensures that your newborn baby will be properly supported when placed in the bouncer.The detachable toy hange..
Stokke Xplory X PACKAGE Stokke Xplory X PACKAGE
Package Deal
Brand: Stokke
Pre order Yellow for wnd of Feb2022Package Includes:Stokke Xplory X (Chassis + Seat)Stokke Xplory Carry CotStokke Xplory X Sun Shade - Light GreyStokke Xplory X Rain Cover - BlackStokke Xplory X Mosquito Net - BlackStokke Stroller Cup Holder V3 - Black..
Brand: Stokke
Pre order the Yellow for end Feb 2022Stokke® Xplory® X is the perfect choice for conscious parents who want the best for their baby without compromising on safety, quality, or style. Premium from top to bottom, Stokke® Xplory® X brings your baby closer for the connection ..
Brand: Stokke
Designed to safely protect your baby, infant or toddler from insects and other pesky bugs. Made of breathable mesh for optimal visibility, the mosquito net allows you and your baby to see one another and more importantly, for your baby to have plenty of fresh air. ​ ​ Our mosquito net sim..
Brand: Stokke
The Stokke® Xplory® X Rain Cover is ideal for outings on rainy days. Lightweight and compact, it´s simple to use and dries quickly. Designed to protect your little one from wind and wet weather, it easily attaches to the Stokke Stroller Seat and Carry Cot of Stokke® Xplory® X.Most impor..
Brand: Stokke
Made of breathable UPF 50+ fabrics, our Stokke® Xplory® X Sun Shade protects your baby from direct sunlight. The unique design provides plenty of shade and ventilation, giving your little one a comfortable cocoon of calm to relax and recharge. ​Simple to use, it´s, light and easy to attach.F..
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