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The Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine Replacement Filter filters every drop of water, removing any impurities and ensuring your baby consumes the cleanest water available. The filter is designed for use with the Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine, providing the extra peace of mind t..
The Ultra UV sterilizer is the fuss-free and super clean way to sterilize, dry and store your baby’s bottles in a sterile environment. You can sterilize all baby’s feeding equipment including bottles, teats and soothers using the bacteria and mould killing power of ultraviolet light – no water..
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Getting baby into healthy sleeping habits is a challenge at the best of times, but even more so as seasons change or when you’re away from home. This lightweight, portable and adaptable blackout blind completely blocks out light to help create a dark and sleepy space anywhere, to encourage y..
With around 5,000 nappy changes on your hands, you’ll appreciate a little help to reduce the number of trips to the outside bin. Tommee Tippee Twist & Click is the only nappy disposal system system that individually wraps each nappy in multi-layer anti-bacterial film to lock away odours ..
The Tommee Tippee Teethe 'n' Chew bandana is made especially for teething babies. Designed to catch dribbles, while easing the pain of sore gums, this stylish bib looks great with any outfit and keeps mess away from your babies' clothes. The teether made from food grade silicone gives your l..
The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night machine – making bottle feeding a dream right around the clock. Not only does it prep the perfect bottle in two minutes, it’s also sleep friendly with added features specifically designed to make night feeding so much easier.  Designed ..
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OUT OF STOCKThe Sangenic refill cassettes lock away germs and odours in advanced, multi-layer antibacterial film. Just put a cassette into the top of the tub and it’s ready for use in seconds.Features:- New cassette design fits all Sangenic tubs- Antibacterial protection – film kills 99% of germs on..
OUT OF STOCKTwists & wraps each nappy to lock in odour Anti-bacterial film kills 99% of germs on contact and offers unbeatable odour protection 100 times more effective at odour protection than nappy sacks+ Comes with one pre-loaded film cassette Bin holds up to 28 nappies at one time*..
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This handy pack of 20 bibs is great to use when you €™re out and about.They are soft yet strong and have a waterproof backing that keeps your baby dry. Comes with a crumb catcher. BPA Free..
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